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"My father was president of the UFCW International and he always taught me to never forget who I work for, so I created this podcast as a way to give back to my second family, the labor movement.”

— Traci Dority-Shanklin

Traci Dority-Shanklin is a Managing Director at Sandhill Investment Management. With over twenty years of experience in the investment world, Traci Dority-Shanklin has built a vast repository of knowledge about multiemployer fund management. She has been exposed to this sector of financial services’ leaders and benefited from her exposure to their wisdom.  As a natural communicator, she recognized that the knowledge from the industry leaders could be of benefit to everyone. And so, she created an online environment where these leaders can share their wisdom.

Traci grew up in a union household where her father, retired UFCW International President Doug Dority, emphasized the need for honesty, integrity, and hard work in whatever you do. She was a top sales executive for a nationally recognized investment firm and helped a boutique alternatives investment manager grow into a nationally recognized institution. She was inspired to give back to her union roots and does this by providing information, education, and enlightenment for anyone connected to union investment funds.