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Enjoy the Journey of What Is

WTH – 2020?!

For 2020, my slogan is “Enjoy the Journey of What Is in 2020.” Given how remarkable and strange 2020 has been, I’d say this motto has had more relevance than any other I’ve selected. I picked this motto because I wanted to remind myself to relinquish control, to stop trying to change people or things, and to embrace this journey for all of the lessons, whether good or bad, this life throws at you.

2020 has certainly been a journey. The bar has been changed, and I’ve had to relinquish control and embrace the journey as I re-evaluated a lot of things from my kids’ schooling to how I conducted my business. After coronavirus hit, gone were the days of face-to-face meetings and attending conferences and charity events. Instead of getting on an airplane and flying, I bought an RV. This afforded me the ability to self-isolate, so I could adhere to whatever quarantine policy the state had where I was headed.

Riding in the RV with Girls

I also thought the RV would be a great opportunity for me to bring along my girls, so I could help them stay on track with their studies and their homework at virtual school. Campgrounds and national parks were our classrooms. We visited fun and educational places along the way like the Grand Canyon. Since August, my girls and I have criss-crossed the country and logged over 6,300 miles. I’m probably learning as much as they are if not more. I hope the next time you read this blog it will be some inspiring story or life lesson I’ve learned along the way on one of our RV road trips.

Riding in the RV with my girls has also given me a glimpse into the past. Some of my favorite childhood memories with my father were driving hours to attend a union meeting or rally. No doubt, I was a teenager, so I was bored for most of the trip, but still there were those special moments of conversation or a road game that gave me a chance to connect with my Dad.

2020 has challenged me to reconsider my priorities, reimagine my approach to my career, and redefine the definition of a good education for my daughters, but I have not yet picked my 2021 motto… Stay tuned!

Happy New Year!!

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