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The Power of Resilience Is Within You

The new year is a time for us to take inventory of our lives. I like to look at my life from the 10,000-foot view and score my year. My blessings most often humble me. Despite my love for my work, my most powerful feeling of pride is the privilege of being a mom to my two incredible daughters, a stepmom to my wonderful stepson and stepdaughter, and “Mimi” to my grandson. Over the last two years, our lives have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns. While maintaining our jobs, we have stayed home, socially distanced, wore masks, and navigated school for our children. Then the George Floyd murder sparked a social justice movement here and around the world, which quite literally forced me to take a hard look at what kind of mother I needed to be for my bi-racial family. I have come to understand that all lives can’t matter until black lives matter more. Through all of the disruption in our lives, we have looked inward, taken inventory, and found a deep reservoir of resilience in us. I hope you all hold onto the power of resilience within you for 2022! I leave you with an excerpt from Amanda Gorman’s New Year’s poem “New Day’s Lyric:” Tethered by this year of yearning, We are learning That though we weren’t ready for this, We have been readied by it. We steadily vow that no matter How we are weighed down, We must always pave a way forward. Happy 2022!

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